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The 1920s was an interesting time to be alive. It was an age of great social and political change and the cities of America were thriving. This was a period of economic growth with the nation’s wealth doubling within the decade and giving rise to the consumer society and mass culture. With extra money also meant a more lavish lifestyle of luxury cars and parties. People were out to break rules and be free from the constraints of society. There was more consumption than ever before, especially of alcohol as a symbol of wanting to move away from the earlier comfort of day-to-day living.

With cars, more people had the freedom to travel and do what most young people wanted to do; dance! From the Charleston, the cake walk, the black bottom to the flea hop, the 20s was all about jazz bands in dance halls and all over the radio across the nation. This is why this era is also known as the “Jazz Age” or the “Roaring Twenties”. While the older generation objected jazz music due to its “vulgarity”, the younger generation loved the freedom it gave them on the dance floor.

The most popular symbol of the “Jazz Age” is the flapper: a young woman with bobbed hair and a short skirt who smoked and said what might be deemed as “unladylike”. She was known to be sexually more “free” than previous generations which is representative of the changes for women at the time. The 1920s costume usually consists of a flapper dress with dangling tassels, a feathered headband, a pearl necklace, a feather boa and a cigar. The flapper dress is playful, fun and incredibly sexy. Men usually wore pinstriped suits or tuxedos during this era, which is not difficult to pull off. This is the way to go if you are looking for any Gatsby costume ideas.

Flapper Costumes

Flappers were the young ladies who were challenging the ideals of the conservative 1920's. They wore short dresses, curled their hair in bobs and listened to Jazz. They smoked, drank and wore excessive make up and loved to dance and have a good time!

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