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Get retro and funky in your 60s outfit with the wide flares and batwing sleeves. The 60s was a period of political and social revolution and the fashion reflects how liberal and free the people were. The 1960s was an era of protest. The civil rights movement was huge with many protesting the unfair treatment of race. Many protested US involvement in the Vietnam War towards the end of the decade. Female activists demanded more rights for women and the birth control pill and contraceptives were introduced so women could have careers over babies. It was also the decade that US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, causing a great stir.

After World War II, people around the world maintained strong hardworking values they were brought up with as it was a period of recovery and rebuilding after the losses of the war. In the 60s, young people started doubting those values and hence protested against society and things that were mainstream. They started to grow our long hair and wore unusual clothing. The music also changed with bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones banging out a new wave of beat and pop music.

By the end of the 60s, hundreds and thousands of music lovers gathered at Woodstock, New York to celebrate the largest pop festival. People paraded their fashion, listened to music, believed in sexual freedom and took drugs which allowed them to see a colourful and unreal world. These young people called themselves “hippies” that we know of today with their peace sign necklaces and headbands, sometimes even walking around barefooted. Another 60s costume you can go for besides the hippie or retro ladies 60s costume is the classic Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble. There are so many ways to get creative with this era as the taste was so colourful and vivid - just think Austin Powers... Oh, behave!

Hippie Costumes

Wear your hair long, sport a peace sign as it is all about love with our Hippie costumes from the 60s. Psychedelic colours and patterns worn on dresses, shirts and skirts were all the rage. Costume Collection have Hippie costumes to make you stand out at your next event and they won't break the budget.

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