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Alice in Wonderland

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and become the curious and adventurous Alice in Wonderland. Written by Lewis Carroll in 1865, the fantasy novel Alice in Wonderland has since seen many movie adaptations and has become most loved by children everywhere. Why? Perhaps because we are all a bit like Alice with a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

The story revolves around a little girl named Alice. She sits on a riverbank with her sister on a warm summer day when she catches a glimpse of The White Rabbit in a waistcoat. She follows The White Rabbit down a rabbit hole which begins her series of adventures in Wonderland. In Wonderland she meets all sorts of interesting creatures like the Cheshire cat who helps her find her way through the woods, but warns her that everyone she meets will be mad. She attends a Mad Tea Party with the hare, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse. Time had stopped working for the Hatter, it has always been six o’clock and therefore always tea time. She finds another door which takes her to the lovely garden of the Queen of Hearts who invites her to play croquet. The events continue in absurdity and before the insanity leads to negative consequences, Alice wakes from her fantastic dream.

The most well known and adaption of Alice in Wonderland is Tim Burton’s Alice in 2010 with Johnny Depp playing the infamous Mad Hatter. This is perhaps the most interesting Mad Hatter costume portrayal worn today by many. The Alice in Wonderland costume is a blue dress with an apron, or you dress up as the peculiar yet frightening Queen of Hearts. Or, you can surprise everyone by coming in the Cheshire cat costume. In a world of infinite possibilities, you can become anyone you desire to be.

Alice Costumes

Explore your own Wonderland with our Alice costumes for women and girls. Perfect for Book Week and Halloween, you will be instantly recognised in your blue dress and white apron. All you need is your friends Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter you meet along the way and you all set for a tea party with a twist. But hurry, don't be late these costumes are some of our most popular and you would hate for the Walrus to polish them off!

Cheshire Cat Costumes

You will be grinning ear to ear with our Cheshire Cat costumes and will never want to go invisible wearing them! We have sexy dresses or unisex warm jumpsuits for you to choose from. Either way you will look the part and join Alice in Wonderland.

Queen of Hearts Costumes

Become more than just a playing card in these costumes for the Queen of Hearts. We have the long ball gown style to play croquet in or a sexy spin on the classic villain from Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts is a popular choice for Disney Villain parties and also for Book Week for Teachers

White Rabbit Costumes

Don't be late for an important date wearing one of our White Rabbit costumes from Alice in Wonderland. Costume Collection have costumes to suit any event and budget.

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