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Costume Collection has Batgirl costumes in stock in sizes small to plus.

Interestingly, many think that the Batgirl costume is just a female version of the Batman outfit. However, Batgirl was actually a real DC Comics character separate from Batman.

Batgirl was introduced as the superhero identity of Bette Kane in 1961 but was later replaced by Barbara Gordon in 1967 who became the iconic Batgirl. Though the character did not reach the same acclaim as Batman, she did become a significant cultural icon with the character's connection to the Women's liberation movement. While having the Batman symbol on her chest, she is not his girlfriend or sidekick, but instead a peer and partner in the war on crime; Rather than a sidekick, she was an equal.

The female version of Batman, Batgirl first appeared in DC comic books from 1961. She has undergone many changes since then, but has always remained an ally to Batman and Robin. Portrayed by Alicia Silverstone in the 1997 film Batman and Robin, her character differs slightly from the Comic book version. In the comics she is Commissioner Gordon's daughter, but in the film is Alfred Pennyworth's niece. She is a love interest for Robin and helps foil Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze's from destroying Gotham City. Described as feisty with sex appeal, her costume style has changed over the years.

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