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Batman costumes and outfits from the latest Dark Night movies to the classic style DC Comics outfits, has them all. Costume Collection has licensed Batman costumes with masks, capes, gloves and belts.

Batman is one of the most popular superhero costume ideas and for good reason! This classic DC Comics superhero is the secret identity of the eccentric American billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. After witnessing the murder of his parents in the crime ridden Gotham City as a child, he took on the identity of Batman to fight crime and bring criminals to justice. 70 years on, Batman remains one of the most recognisable comic book superheroes and with the revival of the batman films for a new generation, the legend is sure to live on.

Why the different looks? With a history spanning decades across comic books, films and TV shows, the Batman costume has undertaken several revivals. The classic grey blue outfit was the first to appear in the original Batman comic books. The black Batman outfit started to show up in the films Batman Returns and Batman Forever. In the latest revival, the Batman suit has gone even darker and is more streamline in appearance.

The Millionaire businessman by day and masked superhero by night, Bruce Wayne AKA Batman, protects Gotham city from the criminals. He first appeared in DC Comics in 1939 and has evolved into a classic Superhero icon since then. From the early comic book era to his own TV series starring Adam West in the 60's, the Batman we see on our screens today has certainly changed. Now part of the Warner Bros family, Batman has been iconically played by Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and most recently Ben Affleck.

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