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Heading to a Halloween party and need a scary but not to scary costume? Everyone will know who you are in a Beetlejuice costume! The famous pinstriped suit of the obnoxious ghost, will have your guests levitating the room. But don't forget the iconic wig and make up to really complete the look. Our Beetlejuice costumes are available in both male and female versions, so anyone can dress as the cult movie classic.

Beetlejuice is a movie from 1988 about a married couple who realise they actually died in a car accident and their house has been sold and a new family have moved in. Their job is to scare the new family out and they rely on the help of Beetlejuice to do just that. The plan does not work and after telling one too many bad jokes, the married couple and the new family agree to live together, whilst Beetlejuice is stuck in exile between life and death.

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