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DC Comics Superheroes Height Comparison

Posted by Costume Collection on 27th Dec 2018

Marvel characters have been sized up before but there hasn’t been any way to compare the heights of our favourite DC Comics superheroes. Until now.By thoroughly researching the DC Wikia database and o … read more

Marvel Villains Height Comparison

Posted by Costume Collection on 26th Dec 2018

We’re proud to present this new height comparison chart specific to Marvel’s most popular Villains! Here are the villains presented in order of their height, from shortest to tallest:Yellow JacketMole … read more

Are Real Life Lightsabers Possible?

Posted by Costume Collection on 25th Dec 2018

Technology and science has advanced such a long way that as of 2015, we finally have a working hoverboard (kind of). Given more time and resources, it is possible that a fully-functional hoverboard wi … read more

Costume Comparison: Nine Lives of Catwoman

Posted by Costume Collection on 24th Dec 2018

Catwoman started off as a humble cat burglar and a foe of Batman. She has now become an integral character of the DC Comics universe, appearing in films, TV series and video games.But every Catwoma … read more

Do You Know Your Lightsaber Colours?

Posted by Costume Collection on 23rd Dec 2018

We are literally on the brink of Star Wars Episode 7. While you’re waiting impatiently like the rest of us for release day, this might be a good time for you to brush up on your Star War trivia. Today … read more