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Marvel Villains Height Comparison

Posted by Costume Collection on 26th Dec 2018


We’re proud to present this new height comparison chart specific to Marvel’s most popular Villains! Here are the villains presented in order of their height, from shortest to tallest:

  1. Yellow Jacket
  2. Mole Man
  3. Modok
  4. Doc Ock
  5. Green Goblin
  6. Super Skrull
  7. Ultron
  8. Red Skull
  9. The Magus
  10. Magneto
  11. Venom
  12. Loki
  13. Mephisto
  14. Terrax
  15. Dr Doom
  16. Thanos
  17. Apocalypse
  18. The Sphinx
  19. Ronan the Accuser
  20. Juggernaut

Our personal staff favourite is Yellow Jacket – who starred as the main villain in the latest Ant Man movie (2015).