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Catwoman costumes and outfits from In stock in sizes small to plus sizes ready to post out!

The sexy Catwoman character from the DC Comics Batman franchise is an iconic costume idea to try out at a fancy dress party. Though usually a adversary of Batman being a high-stakes thief, she has a complex love-hate relationship with him. Anne Hathaway recently portrayed the character in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.

Selina Kyle (the real identity of Catwoman) was introduced in Batman #1 Spring of 1940 in which she was known as The Cat. She was created by Bob Kane partially inspired by the film star Jean Harlow to bring more sex appeal to the comic series. Mission accomplished! Even to this day, Catwoman remains an iconic sex symbol with her skin tight costume, sexy catsuit or sometimes, no costume at all!

The Gotham city cat burglar first made an appearance in DC comic books in 1940. Selena Kyle, as she is known, has a love hate relationship with Batman and was first represented as a supervillain and adversary of Batman. However in more recent times has been portrayed as an antiheroine, often doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Catwoman is known for wearing a skin tight black suit and carrying a bullwhip as her weapon of choice. She has been portrayed in TV and movies since the 1960's by Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

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