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Clowns and Circus

Roll up Roll up and see our range of Circus costumes including Bumbling Clowns, Feisty Ringmasters, Gorgeous Gypsies and Ferocious Circus Animals. Our Circus theme includes Funny, Sexy or Scary costumes to suit any party or budget.

So don't get caught Clowin' around without a Costume Collection Circus costume!

Clown Costumes

Be the life of the party in more ways than one dressed as a Clown in one of our Circus costumes for the whole family! Team it up with some rainbow hair or a tutu and then paint your face with some makeup to complete the look. Costume Collection have Clown costumes to suit any event or budget.

Ringmaster Costumes

Roll up Roll up and gather under the Big Top in a Ringmaster costume! Impress your fellow partygoers and crack the whip to get everyone into line. Team up with a Circus Lion or Clown to make it a couples or group outfit.

Costume Collection have a range of Ringmaster costumes for men and women to suit any event or budget.

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