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Edward Scissorhands

Celebrate Halloween dressed as a cult classic from the early 90's in none other than an Edward Scissorhands Costume. There is a female version also available of the iconic black and leather belted straight jacket style top and 'scissorhand' gloves. Complete the look of the inventors masterpiece with a messy black wig.

Edward Scissorhands tell the story of an inventor who began to create a human man from scratch, but ultimately died before completing his hands and the creation was left with make shift 'scissorhands'. An outcast in a small town, Edward is befriended by a young family and goes to live with them. At first the neighbours are in awe of this man who can trim ornamental hedges, cut the latest style in hair and create beautiful ice sculptures, however their admiration soon turns to fear when Edward accidentally injures townspeople with his hands. He is then made to return as a social outcast and is never seen again.

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