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If you want to build a snowman, then look no further than dressing as a character from Disney's Frozen. Choose between Elsa the Ice Princess or Anna her younger helpless in love sister. Costume Collection have both kids and adults costumes available as well as accessories including wigs and gloves. For the boys we have lovable Olaf the snowman who just makes everyone smile at his antics. So 'Let it go' and watch the kids in awe over your costumes from Frozen at your next dress up party.

Frozen was released in 2013 and has quickly become one of the most popular Disney movies to have ever been made. It is based on the book 'The Snow Queen' by Hans Christian Anderson and tells the story of two sisters orphaned at a young age and one becoming Queen. At the Coronation, Elsa's ice powers are revealed and she flees in exile leaving Anna and Prince Hans to rule Arendelle. Prince Hans is not all that he seems and tries to kill the sisters making him King. Whilst trying to search for Elsa, Anna is befriended by Kristoff, Sven and Olaf who all try to help her find her sister and make Arendelle warm again.

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