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Halloween and Horror

Halloween is getting bigger in Australia every year so be sure to get your costume ideas ready a few weeks before October 31st. Popular costumes get snapped up very quickly so don't get caught out! Some popular male and female Halloween themed costumes include vampires, devils, angels and monsters. However, really anything goes for Halloween so be sure to browse through the thousands of styles we have in stock ready to post out from our Sydney warehouse with free Express Post next day delivery to most of Australia.

Are you ready to go Trick or Treating and are your Jack o lanterns all carved? If so, all you need now is a costume to really look the part and you have come to right place! Here at Costume Collection, we have a wide range of Halloween costumes, props and accessories to choose from and to go with every taste and budget.

We have all the traditional Halloween favourites like Ghosts, Devils, Witches, Zombies and Skeletons as well as twisted takes on your classic Fairy tales and of course your favourite Horror movie stars. Don't forget to add your wigs, makeup and props to complete your look - I mean a Devil is nothing without his pitchfork!

Our popular Horror Movie costumes include the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. But there are also the tamer movies like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters and Harry Potter too.

So whether you want to go all out in one of our deluxe costumes or just something simple and scary, Costume Collection have you covered!

How is Halloween celebrated these days? Many people have embraced the Halloween tradition in Australia and it is only getting bigger every year, we should know! There are Halloween parties, Neighbourhood Trick or Treating, House decoration and special Halloween events nationwide and we have the perfect costume here waiting for you.

When is it? Halloween is October 31st every year, however parties often happen the following weekend if it falls on a weekday, so you could have a week of festivities to look forward to at the end of October!

If you are looking for complete shock and scare tactics for your next Halloween party, then look no further than our Horror costume range which includes the likes of Freddy, Jason and Jack! Complete the look with fake blood, makeup and accessories like the Glove and Knife. Costume Collection are sure to have your next Horror event covered whilst still coming under budget.