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Iron Man

Iron Man costumes and fancy outfits from Costume Collection. have the classic red outfit and the latest Iron Man costume from the new films.

The success of the Iron Man film series at the box office has made this legendary superhero character from Stan Lee one of the popular costume choices for any fancy dress up party.

Iron Man is the second identity for the American billionaire and engineer Tony Stark. His company (Stark Industries) creates many military weapons for use in war, many of which are integrated into his suit to fight crime. Having been captured and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, he reinvents himself after escaping to stop wars rather than support them through arms sales.

Wealthy American business magnate and scientist Tony Stark, created the persona of Iron Man after he is kidnapped and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction. He instead creates the Iron Man suit and designs weapons that could save the world against men like his captors. Most famously portrayed as Robert Downey Jnr in the movies Iron Man and The Avengers, he was created by Marvel founder Stan Lee in 1963.

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