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Mermaids seem to be the latest growing trend and it is no wonder why – who wouldn't want to be a mystical underwater creature with an ethereal voice, luscious flowy hair and a dazzling mermaid tail? Exactly – everyone wants to be a mermaid and if you don't, you're probably lying to yourself. We know you want to be under the sea talking to crabs and playing with underwater instruments.

Mermaid costumes were first made popular by Disney's classic animation The Little Mermaid character Ariel and her glorious red locks. Ariel the mermaid dreams of becoming human and falls in love with Prince Eric, but it forbidden by her father King Triton to enter the human realm. The evil sea-witch Ursula strikes a deal with Ariel to become a human in exchange for her hypnotic singing voice. Ariel must kiss Prince Eric to be transformed into a human, but not without obstacles in their way. The King makes the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter in the end for her to become human and marry Prince Eric.

Unlike Ariel, the rest of us want to be less human and more like a mermaid, and now you can with Costume Collection's variety of sparkly and scaly colourful mermaid costumes. Become a real-life mermaid with Disney inspired mermaid costumes for little girls, or the seductive sea goddess for adult women adorned with sequins and seashell bras. Add a bit of glamour to your look by rocking a beautiful wig for a long set of locks and perhaps even some glitter to give it that wet and magical appeal.

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