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Authentic outfits can cost hundreds of dollars! Dress up for Oktoberfest in our traditional look lederhosen, dirndl dresses and funny mascot costumes for men and women!

Womens Oktoberfest Outfits

The staple must have for any woman is either a Dirndl or a Beer maid dress. There are modest styles available, but most woman prefer a low cut to show quite a bit of cleavage. Here is a guide for Women.


This is the authentic style of dress for a woman.

  1. Blouse: usually white and the cut can be adjusted to how much cleavage you are willing to show.
  2. Bows: The side you tie your bow on says a lot about your relationship status. A bow tied to the left side means you are single, tied to the right means you are married and in the middle means you are a virgin or young child.
  3. Length: The traditional dress is worn below the knee, but shorter or longer is still acceptable to wear.
  4. Fitment: Our dresses are a generous fit and length and are available in all sizes up to 20-22, so basically any shape can feel comfortable and look good in this style of dress.

Mens Oktoberfest Outfits

Men have fewer choices and their outfit is more straight forward than the women's, making it more traditional. Here is a guide for Men.


This is a must have for every Man to wear. Lederhosen basically translates to 'Leather pants' and traditional ones are made of leather and suede. Our Deluxe style is made with Suede like fabric and feature embroidery, buckles and pockets.

  1. Suspenders: They are attached to the Lederhosen to keep them up and have decorative buckles on them.
  2. Chest plate: This is attached to the suspender straps and are traditionally embroidered with a certain colour or insignia to represent which region you come from.
  3. Shorts: These are traditionally leather or suede and have functional pockets. They say never to wash your Lederhosen, the dirtier the better as it helps to keep the leather moist.
  4. Length: They are traditionally worn above the knee. Longer styles are called Platterhosen and Bundhosen, which are below the knee and sometimes ankle.
  5. Fitment: They do not have any stretch to the fabric, so it is best to go up a size if you are on the higher end of the measurement scale. There is nothing worse than getting a constant wedgie while you are trying to enjoy yourself if the costume is too small! And you can always adjust the suspender lengths if needed. Our Men's style is available from size S to 3XL.
  6. Colours: We stock in Caramel, Chocolate and Black.

Beer Maid Costumes

Oktoberfest is near so get your beer maid costume ready for the momentous occasion. Every year, Munich’s Oktoberfest boasts of more than six million people every year, making it the world’s biggest party. The 16-day festival consists of excessive beer drinking, German food and lots of debauchery. Traditionally, women wear beer maid dresses also known as dirndls and men wear beer man costumes also known as the Lederhosen.

The dirndl is a traditional dress made from loden cloth with a close fitted bodice over a blouse, with a wide skirt and an apron. It originated from southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Italian province of South Tyrol. It was commonly worn by working women, but has since been adapted as a high fashion piece. Every girl wants to have the best-looking dirndl at Oktoberfest, dressing it up in fancy ways like with the hemline falling to the thigh, off-the shoulder and low-cut blouses. It is an extremely fun and flirty outfit that can have many patterns, such as stripy and lacy bodices.

Tie a knot on your left to indicate you are single or on your right to show that you are taken. Tying a knot on the left of your dirndl is sure to attract some drunk dude’s attention. Another tip: wear flats. A huge part of Oktoberfest is dancing on benches and you wouldn’t want to do this in high heels. Also, bring a small cross body purse as there is nowhere to put your purse since the floors and tables will be covered in beer. Leave your coat at home as the tent can get really hot with thousands of people dancing. Just rock up in your best beer wench outfit.

Beer Man Costumes

Get your beer man costume ready to join in on the Oktoberfest festivities. These traditional outfits worn by men during Germany’s biggest celebration is called a Lederhosen. The term ‘Leder’ means leather and ‘hosen’ means pants, so a Lederhosen is basically leather pants. It is the male attire worn by peasants in the Alpine regions of Germany and Austria. They are usually worn with high socks all the way up to the knees or legwarmer like bands around the calves. They also have intricate embroidery found on the trousers and suspenders which can mark different regions of a country that people belong to. The Lederhosen costume normally is topped by a hat called a Gamsbart made from the hair of chamois. Unlike the female beer maid outfit the dirndl, there is no way of indicating if a man is single or taken by his Lederhosen.

Every year, Munich’s Oktoberfest boasts of more than six million people every year, making it the world’s biggest party. The festival lasts up to 16-days and consists of excessive beer drinking, German food and lots of debauchery. The Oktoberfest tradition started as a result of an extended wedding reception of the crowned King and Queen of Bavaria in 1810. All the citizens of Munich were invited to attend the post wedding festivities which lasted several days and concluded with a great race horse. This horse race tradition was repeated every year and became known as Oktoberfest. Over 6.2 million visitors expected to participate in the festivities and 6,940,600 litres of Oktoberfestbier. Just how many beers can you chug at Oktoberfest?

Dirndl Dresses

The dirndl is a traditional dress made from loden cloth consisting of a close-fitted bodice over a blouse, with a wide skirt and an apron. It is one of the folk costumes native to southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Italian province of South Tyrol. These dresses accompany the male attire called lederhosen. The word ‘dirndl’ comes from Bavarian-Austrian word ‘dirn(e)’ which means ‘young girl’. It was commonly worn by working women in plain colours. Only in the 1870s was the dirndl adapted by the Austrian upper class and made an item of high fashion.

On a darker note, the folk costume plays a large role in Third Reich propaganda, worn by German women in Nazi Germany to represent a model of femininity and fertility. Judging by the recent trend of dirndls, they are now a back in fashion item as their more negative associations have faded. Every lass now rocks out her best dirndl dress to celebrate Oktoberfest. Every maiden wants to impress with her best dirndl as “traditional” is now in fashion.

There are so many variations to the dirndl costume, from the hemline falling to the thigh rather than the calf or ankle, or off-the-shoulder and low-cut blouses, worn with bright and embellished aprons. From rhinestones to ruffles, there are so many ways to wear a dirndl to make it fun, fashionable and flirty. There is also the urban myth that the way one ties their apron bow indicates whether you are married or single – right to show you are taken, or left to say you’re single. Myth or not, you can always carry on this tradition by tying your bow to show your relationship status – just make sure you tie the correct side to send out the right message!

Oktoberfest Hats & Accessories

The Oktoberfest hat, also known as a gamsbart hat, literally translated as a chamois beard, the tuft of hair traditionally worn as decoration on trachten hats that originated from the alpine regions of Austria and Bavaria. These hats perfectly accompany the traditional male attire for Oktoberfest known as the Lederhosen. Originally, these hats were worn as a hunting trophy and made exclusively from hair from the chamois’ lower neck. It is made by enclosing the lower end of the tuft of hair in a setting of metal or horn that allows the upper parts to spread in a brush-like style. The wider and bigger the gamsbart, the more pride and manliness is displayed by the wearer. Also, the more tufts of goat hair on your head, the wealthier you are considered to be. However, nowadays the tufts are synthetic and everyone can look as rich as they want to be!

Traditionally, these Bavarian felt hats were worn exclusively by men, but more recent developments in the dirndl fashion have seen them placed with female dresses. Or, if ladies really want to full Bavarian look, they can also opt for Bavarian hair in a blonde fashioned pigtail wig. There are so many ways to accessorise the dirndl and Lederhosen. Men can also add a set of suspenders to hold up their Lederhosen and a pair of knee high socks. Another thing you may want to consider is wearing the right footwear. Though most locals will have traditional Trachten shoes, it is best to wear resistant and closed shoes as they may easily get dirty from all the beer being splashed around. When it comes to Oktoberfest, just accessorise as fun and comfortable as you can so you can really enjoy yourself.

Lederhosen Shorts

‘Leder’ means leather and ‘Hosen’ means pants, so the term lederhosen translates to leather pants. The Lederhosen is a traditional male attire that emerged in the Alpine regions of Germany and Austria. They are usually worn with high socks all the way up to the knees, or sometimes you will see them worn with legwarmer like bands around the calves. These pants were worn by peasants and were made to be sturdy so that it could withstand rigorous labour. They were also worn in many regions of Europe by riders and hunters. In the south of Germany, the style developed to have a front drop flap. This style became popular in France and became known as the Bavarian style.

A distinct quality of the Lederhosen is the intricate embroidery that is found on the trousers and suspenders. The embroidery or insignia can mark different regions of a country that people belonged to. Many people living in small villages owned several pairs of Lederhosen for different occasions, such as weddings and other festive occasions. Over time, these have been replaced by blue jeans for everyday life and work. The Lederhosen is mostly worn at cultural events or festivals such as Oktoberfest or to a Biergarten.

To top off the Lederhosen costume, the hardcore Bavarian wears a hat called the Gamsbart made from the hair of a chamois. These can be quite expensive if you’re not buying the costume version! An interesting fact about the Lederhosen is that they are never washed. As filthy as this sounds, not washing the Lederhosen keeps the leather moist. Fancy smelling your pants after that! As long as your lovely maiden in a Dirndl doesn’t have to cop a smell.

Oktoberfest Shirts

In the 16th century, traditional Bavarian outfits were common in everyday life in Munich from going to town to working in the fields. This part of Alpine culture has stayed strong as these Trachten costumes were added to Oktoberfest celebrations. Over 90% of people be dressed ready for Oktoberfest during this time. Bavarian Trachten shirts are the most common style that can be in solid colour or usually a plaid pattern in either red or blue. White or blue are the most common colours as they are the traditional colours of Bavaria.

Men usually wear a plain shirt to go with their Lederhosen or a plain plaid shirt. A feature of the traditional shirt is an arm button which allows you to roll up the sleeves and hold it in place. In full costumes, Lederhosen are also worn with suspenders to even out the look of the plain shirt and decorative shorts. The suspenders also help hold the pants or shorts up if you are looking to get buck wild. Suspenders can also sometimes have embroidery on the chest straps to add some flair or indicate a region the wearer is from. Vests, jackets and ties are also commonly worn with the ensemble. The vest is called a Prien and is sometimes worn instead of suspenders. Otherwise, a traditional tie with a fancy metal tie ring is worn. A well-established Bavarian man will also have a nice jacket or vest to accentuate his costume.

The female dirndl blouse is normally also white or plaid in plain colour. More recently, Oktoberfest shirts are lower cut depending on how much cleavage is desired to be shown and slimmer fitted compared to older baggy shirts (for both men and women). This is a great time for dressing to impress the opposite sex!

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