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Poison Ivy

Licensed Poison Ivy costumes and outfits from DC Comics' Batman series.

As one of the main female villains in the Batman series, Poison Ivy was depicted as one of the world's prominent terrorists. With an obsession and expertise in botany and environmentalism, she uses toxins and mind controlling pheromones in her crimes. Her crimes where often aimed at protecting nature rather than pure self-interest.

The Poison Ivy costume features green high heels, yellow-green nylon stockings with leaves painted on, with bracelets, necklace and crown made from leaves.

Gotham City botanist Dr Pamela Isley is injected by with poisons and toxins by her professor at University. This causes her to feel betrayed and transforms into the villain known as Poison Ivy. She begins to threaten to release poisons into the air, if her demands are not met. Batman foils her plans and she is then incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, where she will meet her partner in crime Harley Quinn.

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