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Get your Robin costumes now from Costume Collection.

When you think Batman, you think Robin! The Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders as the team was often referred to as became one of the most remembered superhero teams from the DC universe. As a great costume idea, arriving to a party as Batman and Robin is a great way to make an impression at your fancy dress up party.

Robin was introduced in Detective Comics #38 as a way to attract a younger readership. The character achieved overwhelmingly success with Batman related comic books sales doubling and a positive critical reception by readers. Entertainment Weekly even named him as one of the "greatest sidekicks".

Every superhero needs a sidekick and Robin was Batman's trusty right hand. His name is Dick Grayson and when he was orphaned as a child, Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman) takes him in as his legal ward. He was known in the early years as 'Boy Wonder' and Batman made a costume for him which consisted of the red tunic, yellow cape, green briefs and utility belt. Robin was most famously portrayed in the Batman TV series by Burt Ward.

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