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Snow White

Be the 'fairest of them all' in a Snow White costume at your next Disney or Fairytale party. Whether you want to be Snow White or the Evil Queen, Costume Collection have both the Disney or sexy versions of the costume available to suit any budget and event.

Snow White was Walt Disney's first full feature movie back in 1937. Along with those lovable Seven Dwarves, Snow White herself was a memorable character and the first to be a 'Disney Princess'. When the Wicked Queen learns she is not the 'fairest in all the land' anymore due to her stepdaughter Snow White, she orders her Huntsman to kill her. The Huntsman confesses to Snow White he cannot kill her and tells her to run away into the forest never to be found as the Queen wanted her dead. Snow White runs away into the forest and finds a little house full of Seven Dwarves. The eight of them live happily in the house, until the Wicked Queen, disguised as an old woman, coerces her way into the house and tells Snow White to take a bite of her poison apple. Snow White bites the apple, believing it has magical powers and falls into a death like sleep. The dwarves arrive home to find Snow White dead and place her in a clear casket so she can be seen, in the hope she can be re awakened. One day a prince rides by and places a kiss on Snow White, which breaks the curse and Snow White and the Prince live happily ever after.

Evil Queen Costumes

Become the Evil Queen from Snow White in one of our gowns and don't forget to bring your apple with you to truly look the part! You will become the 'fairest one of all' again in our Evil Fairytale Queen costumes suited to every event and budget.

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