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Captain America Costumes
Adults, Male

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12" Captain America Shield
10 Reviews
In stock
Mens T-Shirt Captain America Costume
No stock + View sizes
Mens Avengers Captain America Costume
2 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
Mens Captain America Muscles Shirt Costume
2 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
Mens Retro Captain America T-Shirt Costume
3 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
24" Large Captain America Shield
No stock
12" Glitter Captain America Shield
No stock
8.5" Plush Captain American Shield
3 Reviews
No stock
Mens Captain America Costume
9 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
Adult Muscles Captain America Costume
10 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
Mens Stealth Captain America Costume
3 Reviews
No stock + View sizes
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Captain America Costumes Australia

Captain America costumes and outfits for men and women, has them.

The American fictional superhero character first appeared in comic books published by Marcel Comics. Captain America is the later ego of Steve Rogers who was enhanced by an experimental serum to reach the peak of human perfection in order to help win World War II.

With one of the most recognisable outfits, Captain America is a popular choice for any costume party. The Captain America costume bears an American flag motif with the red, blue and white colour theme, star and letter 'A'. In 2011 Captain America was ranked 6th on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes.

Steve Rodgers AKA Captain America is a soldier who, although posesses no superhuman powers, is one of the few mortals capable of wielding Thor's Hammer and is part of Marvel comics The Avengers. His uniform is fire-retardant, bullet proof and his shield is made out of the same metal as the tanks from World War Two. Like his fellow Avenger counterparts, he wears a mask hiding his true identity.