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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Dressing as Leatherface this Halloween will definitely scare your friends and turn some heads! His name comes from the mask he wears which is made from human skin (but don't worry, the costume mask is rubber!) of his victims. Along with his family, they are all cannibals and murderers. His signature weapon of choice is the Chainsaw, which only gives more fuel for the nightmares! The costume consists of his mask and the butcher apron design he was so famous for wearing. But to really look the part, we have the chainsaw with sound effects also.

Leatherface was brought to life in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, which is thought to be the start of the 'slasher film genre' that would be so popular for years to come. The original movie came out in 1974 with many follow ons and remakes since then.

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