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Wonder Woman

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana Prince of the immortal Amazons from Greek mythology and queen of our hearts. An army pilot, Steve Trevor, crashes onto the warriors’ secluded island paradise and Diana wins the rights to escort him back to Man’s World and make her people known. It is here she is exposed to this cynical world of war and hatred. Unable to understand this world, she battles with evil and promotes peace to unlock the potential of humanity. How? With her superhuman strength and speed of course, and her trademark bulletproof bracelets and her Golden Lasso of Truth. Beauty, brains and brawn, Wonder Woman has been the greatest feminist icon since 1941.

Wonder Woman has again taken the world by storm with the 2017 film instalment starring Gal Gadot based on DC Comics most famous heroine of all time. Every big girl dreams of being Wonder Woman and now every little girl wants to become like Wonder Woman. Why? When she first emerged in 1941, Wonder Woman really shirked the portrayal of women as typists, librarians or a young girl in love. Instead, she represents this image of a woman being the butt-kicking champion of justice. She is surely up in the ranks among other great superheroes like Batman and Superman, and also a great role model for young girls to aspire to.

An interesting fact is that Wonder Woman does not actually wear a skirt although many Wonder Woman costumes portray this. What she is wearing is actually culottes or split pants that vary from thigh to knee length. A skirt would be highly impractical for combat! She also wears a tiara that doubles up as a boomerang-like weapon. If you don't want the entire ensemble, you can always get hold of Wonder Woman accessories to go with your outfit and you are fit to be the world’s greatest Amazonian.

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