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The undead are the most fearful creatures on the universe, this is perhaps what sparked widespread popularity of the television series The Walking Dead. The last thing you want to see is a zombie real life lurking around in your neighbourhood as this would create chaos and invoke sheer terror. Zombies pose a threat to all of civilisation and life, so why not terrorise all your friends at your next Halloween or costume party by coming in your best zombie costume?

The history of zombies dates back to the 8th century, deriving from the word 'nzambi', which in Kongo means "spirit of a dead person". It represents a person who has died and is brought to life without speech or freewill in voodoo folklore. More modern interpretations of zombies in science fiction origin suggests that zombies contract a virus and go around biting other victims to spread the disease that leads to an epidemic apocalypse.

The fun part about dressing up as a zombie is that you don't have to be a normal civilian zombie. You can dress up as a themed zombie including a zombie bride, a zombie superhero, a zombie cheerleader, a zombie prom queen, a zombie bike rider or zombie knight. There are so many variations and you can get super creative with gory makeup and details, making zombie costumes one of the most terrifying and exciting options to choose from.

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